About Us

"We believe in the look of wonder in a child's eyes when they see a new toy." -Twirl Toy Shop

You'll love our fun atmosphere and unique, high quality treasures!

At Twirl Toy Shop, we help you experience the magic of smiles and celebrations, complete with family-friendly shopping. You will find a thoughtfully curated selection of quality and unique toys for kids of all ages. In fact, you'll find a new game, toy or activity to try out every time you shop.

Twirling in a new direction

In November 2017, Twirl Toy Store was acquired by new owners. Here's the question you are dying to ask- "Why would anyone buy a Toy Store in the age of Amazon?" This is a question we have asked ourselves many times. And we keep coming back to the same answer:

We Believe...

  • in the look of wonder in a child's eyes when they see a new toy.
  • in the power of community.
  • in fostering creativity, sparking imagination and having some good ole' fashioned fun.
  • that with the right tools, our children will be able to build a better world.
  • in the importance of small business and entrepreneurship.  

Welcome to Twirl Toy Shop!

Toys for 1 year old, 2 year old, and new arrivals
Variety of fun toys for all ages
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